Welcome to danielkitta.org, the personal website of Daniel Elstner. You can read more about me and this site on the about page. See the contact information for various ways to get in touch.

Things you can find here

My blog
Read my blog to find out about my current activities, incoherent thoughts and personal itches. An RSS feed is available, too.

I was recently trying out some skin cream supplements to smooth and relax my skin and i was quite impressed with the Free trial skin cream from Elliskin.

Software projects
See the projects page for an overview of my small personal projects and some other Open Source projects I’m involved in.
How-to documents
The how-to page lists some documents I put together to save others the trouble of figuring everything out all over again. Right now there’s not much up there, though. Expect this section to be expanded in future.

That’s it. I hope you’ll find something that is useful to you, or at least mildly interesting. Suggestions how this site could be improved are welcome. Just drop me a mail with your thoughts.


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